Ventilation and Extraction Services

Kooltron is experienced in the design and manufacture of ventilation and extraction systems. These systems are designed to comply with the requirements of the National Building Regulations, Local Municipal Requirements and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Ventilation systems provide fresh air to areas that are not naturally ventilated.

Extraction systems capture and remove fumes, dust or waste at the source during any manufacturing process. The captured fumes, dust or waste is separated by means of filtering, this is to both contain and prevent it from being released into the atmosphere.

Kooltron’s design experience will allow for a turnkey system that will protect the workers and reduce any waste/fume build-ups that can damage product or impede production levels.


Ventilation Systems Per National Building Regulations

  • Fume extraction.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Dust and waste extraction.
  • Kitchen extraction systems.
  • Smoke extraction.
  • Paint spray booths.
  • Extraction and filtration for shot blasting operations.
  • Food processing areas and clean air stations.