Steel Plate and Sheet Metal Products

Kooltron’s fully equipped workshop enables us to fabricate a wide range of products using galvanised sheet metal, mild steel or stainless steel – in either plate or sheet metal form.

Kooltron’s extensive range of products is manufactured to our design specification by qualified artisans.



HD Plasma Cutting Machine

The new high performance HPR 260XD plasma cutter delivers a superior high performance cutting across broad range of application needs, from very thin to heavier thicknesses. The cut capacity on mild steel allows for gross-free cutting on 32mm plate; a production pierce of 38mm plate and maximum cutting capacity on 64mm plate.

The stainless steel cut capacity allows for a production pierce on 32mm thick plate and maximum cutting capacity of 50mm plate.

The aluminium cut capacity allows for a production pierce on 25mm plate having a maximum cutting capacity of 50mm. The high performance plasma cutter delivers fast cutting speeds with rapid process cycling, quick change overs and high reliability to maximise our productivity.

The cutting surface is over a water bed that measures 2m wide and 4.5m in length. The water bed captures the bulk of the smoke generated during the cutting. An overhead lifting system with a mobile chain block enables the operator to load and unload heavy plate with a minimum of assistance.

Kooltron’s older plasma machine has been adapted for use as a hand-held plasma cutter.


Duct Fabrication Machines

We have purchased several duct fabricating machines that make up a rectangular duct fabricating line. These machines enable duct lengths to be ready-made with flanges pre-fitted. In addition, loose flange sections can be made up for duct sections that may require on site cutting to-fit. The new machines include a lock forming machine, a flange forming machine, a notcher and a corner fitting machine.

A beading machine has also been purchased to increase the speed on cross-bracing of rectangular duct sections.

CNC Press Brakes

Two new CNC press brakes were added in November. The larger CNC press brake has a 135ton capacity with a 4m working bed. The smaller CNC press brake has a 100ton capacity with a 2.6m working bed. Both the CNC press brakes are fitted with an automatic crowning device as well as automatic back stop.

Typical Products