Specialised equipment is required for industry as well as for large dust extraction plants where very large waste deposits need to be moved to skips for disposal. Traditionally, this equipment is a “buy out” item, but given Kooltron’s design and technical capability we offer it as a standard in-house item, which translates into cost savings for the client.


Kooltron Manufactures

Customised rotary valves: The valves range from 200mm diameter to 900mm diameter. The standard design is circular but we can easily adapt it to suit a rectangular or square shaped application.


  • Trough conveyors: Trough conveyors allow easy transportation of loose materials, powders and sand. These conveyors can be horizontal or inclined. Covers can be added to the conveyor to protect the product against the elements.
  • Screw conveyors: Kooltron manufactures screw conveyors to suit most applications and vary from the standard horizontal unit to an inclined conveyor component.
  • Flat conveyors: Flat conveyors offer production lines a mode of transport between workstations or processes. The flat conveyor can be heated to act as a curing or drying oven where loading or unloading products no longer requires a trolley.


Steel support structures: We custom manufacture steel structures to support ventilation or extraction equipment or access for maintenance to buildings. We rig and erect the structures, including any necessary access platforms, stairways or cat ladders, including the relevant safety cages, safety rails, platforms and stairways with kick plates.

Grease Traps: Commercial kitchen environments often require stainless steel grease traps. The traps we manufacture include a weir that contains floating oils and a removable basket, which makes it easy to dispose the unwanted debris.

Specialised Equipment

Kooltron is able to manufacture equipment to the specified design and requirements of customers. Some of the equipment we’ve manufactured includes:


  • A yarn treatment plant: This system was manufactured to automatically move bins containing yarn bobbins through the treatment plant. The plant had several specific stations where drying, cooling heat and moisture was added to the yarn prior to packaging for export.
  • Sludge ejector: This venturi system removes fine dust particles from the air before the dust-laden water is pumped into a settling tank. The tank contains custom designed paddles that then constantly eject the sludge into a skip for easy disposal.
  • Rotating filter: Filters are attached to a rotating drum framework. Suction nozzles are then able to vacuum up the layer of dust that has collected on the filter. Often used in the textile industry.


Other Products

  • Venturi washers.
  • Wet cyclonic scrubbers.
  • Reverse pulse filters.
  • Rotating filters.
  • Air washers to clean the air or increase humidity levels.
  • High or medium efficiency cyclones.
  • Silencers.
  • Rotary valves.
  • Screw conveyors.



Standard Equipment

In addition to manufacturing specialized equipment, Kooltron also designs, manufactures and installs:


  • Low Pressure Ducting (circular and rectangular; available in a 0.6mm to a 1.6mm wall thickness).
  • High Pressure Ducting (circular and rectangular; available in a 1.6mm to a 5mm wall thickness).
  • Evaporative air coolers.
  • Fume extraction systems.
  • Dust, Waste and Trim extraction systems.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • A range of Radial, Centrifugal, Paddle, Plug, Forward Curved and Backward Curved Fans.
  • Cyclones – High Effiency and Standard.
  • Hoppers.
  • Bins.
  • Reverse Pulse Filtration.
  • Wet cyclonic scrubbers.
  • Industrial Ovens.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication.
  • Steel Structures, Walkways, Gantries, Stairways and Cat Ladders.
  • Special application brackets.