Industrial Ovens

Kooltron designs and manufactures electrical ovens for a wide variety of industry applications. These include: front loading, drive through ovens and top hat ovens.

Applications range from curing, drying, burn off and incinerating with operating temperatures ranging from 100°C to 1100°C. We also supply a second stage incinerator to clean burn fumes prior to being released into atmosphere. All ovens produced have safety features that allow for operator safety in addition to product protection. These include fire suppression and water-cooling beds.

Industry Applications

  • Product curing ovens.
  • Product drying ovens.
  • Top hat burn off ovens.
  • Front loading burn off ovens.
  • Top hat industrial ovens.
  • Heated conveyors.

Kooltron is able to assist with the fabrication of: flue’s, trolleys, rotating trolleys, fire suppression systems, plug fans, second stage incinerators and modifications to existing ovens.