Using proven design criteria, Kooltron manufactures a wide range of high quality finished fans. We are also able to assist with the manufacture of non-standard fans & blowers owing to the extremely versatile nature of our factory.

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All engineering designs and drawings are prepared on CAD, where skilled engineers can modify designs to suit the unique requirements of each order. Not only does CAD technology ensure the fast, precise and consistent generation of manufacturing drawings, any design changes or improvements to a fan range can be incorporated instantly and accurately.

Furthermore, the special fan selection software that has been custom developed for Kooltron’s entire range of fans, means that engineers can ensure the accurate selection of the correct fan or blower for any specific requirement.



Kooltron fans are designed and manufactured to be efficient users of energy as well as giving a long and trouble-free life. Our qualified welders weld the fan or blower components in accordance with recognised standards. The assembled impeller, once fully welded, is annealed in a ramp-controlled oven to remove welding heat stress. And all impellers are dynamically balanced using a portable electronic balancing machine. Performance data for Kooltron fans is based on tests carried out in accordance with BS848: Part 1: 1980.


The fan range consists of:

The Forward and Backward curved ranges are available in a sturdy construction that is suitable for use in an industrial application, or in a lighter construction that’s best suited to an HVAC application.


Available Features

  • Any of the fans we manufacture can be adapted for use in environments that are highly explosive or experience high temperatures or corrosive conditions.
  • The fan handling is available to best suit the site conditions to minimize ducting required.
  • All fans are available as a direct drive or a belt drive – and in a variety of arrangements.
    diagram: centrifugal fan arrangements
  • Access hatches can be mounted on the fan scroll in any position required to best suit any application – typical positions are indicated below.


Non-corrosive applications: Fans for non-corrosive applications involving temperatures below 100°C are supplied with a standard paint finish comprising: chemical clean and de-grease, Jotamastic 87 aluminium and two coats of Alkyd based industrial enamel.

Corrosive applications: Kooltron applies special finishes appropriate to the application requirements of fans utilised in corrosive environments involving high temperatures.

Balancing: Kooltron has a portable electronic dynamic balancing machine. This enables us to balance the fans in-house prior to leaving our factory as well as for on-site balancing. The machine is certified by the Duetscher Kalibrierdienst and qualifies us to issue balancing certificates for each fan we release.

Annual balancing of fans or blowers on site allows early warning of potential problems that can be resolved during a planned maintenance preventing unplanned breakdowns that are not only costly to resolve but often have the added cost of lost production.

Interactive Fan Software

FREE Interactive Fan Selection Software

Kooltron has custom designed an interactive fan selection tool for your ordering ease. Simply enter in your selection criteria and the software will automatically generate the fan that would be best suited for your application.

The software allows you interactive adjustment of the selection on a printable copy of the fan curve. Once satisfied, simply email your selection directly to Kooltron for a quotation.



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