Fan Balancing

Kooltron performs the service of fan balancing as the final stage of our manufacturing process to ensure that every customer is taking delivery of a fan that is of the highest engineering standard.

In 2011 we purchased a SmartBalancer2 to carry this service out. This electronic balancing machine is able to detect and provide the correction of rotor unbalances, a crucial step in preventing costly repairs down the line, and ensuring the smoothest operation.



On-Site Fan Balancing

Kooltron also performs the service of fan balancing on site.  The advantage of the portable balancing machine is that the same device can be used to field balance fans that are already installed. The database allows a history of balance to be kept on record for on-going monitoring.

Why Do I need Fan Balancing?

  • Prevents costly repairs and bearing replacement.
  • Reduces vibration that dramatically increases noise pollution.
  • There should be no loss of production or downtime, the balancing machine can predict bearing failure allowing for planned maintenance rather than unplanned breakdown.

The Balancing Process

The magnetic sensors together with the laser optics will identify the slightest state of unbalance. The SmartBalancer2 is certified and calibrated.

Once balancing is complete, the fan is then certified as being balanced to DIN ISO 1940 internationally accepted standards. Extracts from the DIN ISO 1940 confirming balancing stages and groups of rigid rotors indicates the required minimum level of quality.

Fan Balancing Reports

Our fully trained operator can balance any fan impeller in either a single plane balancing or in two plane balancing. During evaluation the machine will provide initial readings to assist the operator as to how much balancing weight is required and where the weight must be placed.

The final reading will confirm that the weight is now adequate and correctly placed to ensure that the impeller is balanced.


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